Local Protaras Trips:

We have a large selection of dive sites for certified divers within close range of our dive centre.

Green Bay – A nice easy shallow dive. Max depth 12 metres.

Cyclops Cave – An easy wall dive. Accommodates for all skill levels with depths ranging from 5 to 60 metres.

The Chapel – A bit of a challenging entry. But worth it. Once in, you are greeted with a wall, with depths ranging from 5 to 40 metres

Tunnels and Caves – a Cape Grecko dive site with a series of tunnels and a large cave. Max depth 17 metres.

Costas Bay – A shallow, protected dive with an easy beach entry. Max depth 12 Metres.

Nissia Caves – A slowly sloaping site with a rocky bottom. Depth ranges from 10 to 60 metres.

Mimosa – Easy entry dive site with a mix of sandy and rocky bottoms. Max depth 12 metres.


The price for a local dive trip is €32. This includes tank, weights and a dive guide. Equipment rental:

.Per DivePer Day
Full Equipment1015
BCD only58
Regulator only58
Soft Equipment only35
Nitrox 32%6
15L tank2
Nitrox 32% is available upon request at time of booking


You’ll need the Open Water Diver licence, although some sites are suitable for the Scuba Diver Licence.

What to bring:

Bathing suit. Sun cream. Certification and logbook.

If you would like more information or if you would like to book send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.